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Mississippi High Banks

Mississippi High Banks is a primitive campsite with spectacular views of the “Wild” Mississippi River system, approximately 8 miles southeast of Solway MN.

The classification of "Wild" as defined by the Mississippi Headwaters Board are those areas of the Mississippi River corridor that are generally inaccessible, except by trail, and which include unique and significant natural, cultural, historic, scientific, and recreational values. They are generally considered remote and represent the region's appearance before organized European settlement. The protection area for a river-corridor with this classification is 1000-feet from the ordinary high-water mark (OHWM).

Summer Access: In promoting a remote and primitive camping experience the NRM Department has placed a locked gate along the access road to this site. Those interested in utilizing this area either for day-use purposes or camping must fill out a Mississippi High Banks Use Permit and receive approval form the NRM Department beforehand. You will be given the combination to the lock on the gate which provides access for highway vehicles only. Due to the sensitive nature of this area, OHV’s are not allowed.

Winter Access: Access to the campsite is not plowed in the winter.

Amenities: Picnic table, fire pit with log benches, and benches overlooking the Mississippi River.

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