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Beltrami County Solid Waste

Residential Customers

DON'T BURN YOUR GARBAGE: Burning household garbage in burn barrels, stoves and fire pits creates pollution that's dangerous to human health and contaminates the air, water, and soil. It's also against the law for homeowners in Minnesota.  Stop burning your garbage and find local services for recycling and garbage disposal.

Fee Reduction Form

Abatement Application

Solid Waste Management Program Identification Card are issued by the Solid Waste Department at 751 Industrial Park Dr SE, Bemidji, MN 56601.

Bring a copy of your Property Tax Statement or Real Estate closing documents to ensure timely issuance. ID Cards are required to be available upon request when using the Transfer Station.

The County enacted a residential service fee on every home, apartment, mobile home and seasonal dwelling located in the County in 1992. The service fee is applied to the real estate property tax statement. A Commercial Solid Waste Service Fee is billed to every business located in the County. The collected fees (Residential and Commercial) pay for the Solid Waste Management Program. The facilities include two full service transfer stations, various rural collections site, recycling, household hazardous waste collection and disposal. The Solid Waste Service Fee for a residential dwelling is not based on volume generated by each separate house. The Commercial Solid Waste Fee is based on the amount of solid waste generated with fees being calculated based on a tier system. That tier system is based on the expenses involved to transport and dispose of the solid waste and recyclables to their final end of life. The Residential Solid Waste Service Fee allows Beltrami County residents to bring their household solid waste, recyclables, appliances, electronics, motor oil, oil filters, and household hazardous waste to the two full service Transfer Stations at no additional cost. The various Rural Collection Sites accept household solid waste, fiber and container recyclables from residential customers only.

County Fee Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

The Solid Waste Management Program has no tipping fee for your hauler. The disposal costs are included in your Solid Waste Service Fee. Your commercial hauler is only charging you for their collection cost.

The Residential Service Fee is applied to every livable unit in apartment buildings. Each apartment is charged the same as a residential home. This also includes every mobile home which is located in licensed mobile home parks.

Grass clippings, garden waste, leaves and brush need to be taken to the Beltrami County Demolition Landfill located at 2331 North Plantagenet Road SE. There are no fees to the customer to dispose of these items.

The county does not charge on the basis of how much garbage is generated. There are two reasons for that:

It would be almost impossible to administer and figure out how much each household used.

There are many expenses in addition to the amount of tons of garbage generated. The recycling program is a great example: it costs the county significant dollars to meet our recycling goals. Those goals are requirements placed on counties.

Bring a copy of your property tax statement and ID to the Transfer Station at 751 Industrial Park Dr SE, Bemidji.  Call if you have questions.

We do reduce the charges to Senior Citizens or Disabled people that have income under the federal poverty level. They must apply for this discount by completing a Solid Waste Fee Reduction Application.

Bring your Solid Waste and Recycling to any of these locations: Hours are listed HERE

Bemidji Solid Waste Transfer Station
751 Industrial Drive SE, Bemidji
Phone: 218-333-8328

Tuesday (closed to the public)

Blackduck/Kelliher Transfer Station
33003 Hwy 72 NE, Blackduck
Phone: 218-835-6961 or 218-333-8290

Closed Wednesday

Ten Lakes Rural Site
23170 Power Dam Rd NE, Bemidji
Tues-Thurs 4-7 pm Saturday 9-3 pm

Island Lake Site
8530 Lumberjack Rd NW, Puposky
7 days/week 24 hrs/day

Fourtown Rural Site
68030 Hwy 89 NW, Grygla
7 days/week 24 hrs/day

Waskish Rural Site
56162 Waskish Rd NE, Waskish
7 days/week 24 hrs/day

Pinewood Rural Site
16909 Grange Rd NW, Pinewood
7 days/week 24 hrs/day

Additional recycling drop-off sites within the City of Bemidji and Northern Township are:
South of Target at 23rd Street NW
Tom’s Stop 
at 8000 Irvine Avenue NW

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