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Beltrami County

Health & Human Services

Vision: Every Child, adult, and family has the resources they need to be safe, healthy, and independent.

Mission: Promote community and family strength, and work to ensure the safety and well-being of all Beltrami County residents

Values: Collaboration; Personal Accountability; Excellence in providing quality services; Fiscal responsibility; Respect; Embrace challenges and continuous change

Our department, in collaboration with other community partners, is dedicated to providing a broad array of benefits and services to individuals, families and communities. We work cooperatively to empower and support Beltrami County Citizens to ensure they enjoy healthy, safe, and self-sufficient lives.

Beltrami County Health and Human Services Comprehensive Civil Rights Plan 

The Health & Human Services Department took on a special project that took a couple of years from about 2020-2023, in hopes of learning more about what is important to our community members and how Health & Human Services can support and strengthen our communities.  Beltrami County Health & Human Services Outreach Project Report.

Beltrami County Fee Schedule

How to use the Beltrami County Health and Human Services Web Upload

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