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Property / Parcel Mapping

Many counties and cities use Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to map the properties within their jurisdiction.  These maps are a very popular and incredibly useful tool for information sharing, decision making, analysis, planning, and more.

GIS-based parcel maps are like an enhanced version of a traditional plat book that can be used on computers and mobile devices.

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Important Notice: Delays in Parcel Map Updates - April & May 2024

From April 5th through the week of May 13th, 2024, Beltrami County will be conducting system upgrades that will impact our ability to update and maintain our parcel maps.  During this timeframe, certain changes like tax parcel divisions, tax parcel combinations, new platted subdivisions, and road right-of-way changes will not show up on our maps.  They will still be recorded and processed by the Recorder's Office and Auditor/Treasurer's Office.  Map changes are the only process that is impacted.  Regular map editing and maintenance will resume the week of May 13th.  Changes to property owner names resulting from the sale of an existing property should continue to update automatically without interruption.  Please contact the GIS Department with any questions or concerns.

Things to know about parcel maps:

Parcel maps are developed primarily from property tax records and deeds.  Even though they display 'boundaries' on a map, they are not surveys and should not be used for locating property lines and corners.

Parcel maps can be a helpful reference tool for visualizing properties, but their accuracy is not guaranteed.  We have encountered situations where our parcel map was off by more than 100 feet.  This can happen because we did not have a lot of precise survey and GPS information when parcel maps were first developed.  As new survey and GPS information is received, maps are adjusted to be more precise.

If you're concerned about inaccurate information on a parcel map, please contact us.

To find copies of surveys, you can also visit our Land Survey Records page.

Smartphone apps are great for many things.  Land surveying isn't one of them.  The only proper way to locate and mark property lines or corners is to rely on land survey markers, official survey records, and property descriptions.  Locating property lines should be done by a licensed land surveyor.  The county does not survey individual properties for private land owners.  We only preserve and maintain section corners.

For more information or to find copies of surveys, you can visit our Land Survey Records page.

When you buy, sell, subdivide, or combine a property, the updates usually will not show up immediately on a parcel map.  It takes time for this information to be processed, and sometimes it needs to flow through multiple departments and employees at the county before it makes its way to public parcel maps.

If you're concerned about inaccurate information on a parcel map, please contact us.


Find property-related maps on the county's GIS Hub

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