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Beltrami County GIS

Road Naming

As development occurs and new roads are created, each road needs to be assigned a name and that road information needs to be added to many different systems and databases for emergency response, mail and package delivery, voter registration, and more.

Beltrami County is responsible for reviewing and approving proposed road names for new developments as well as existing private driveways that service three or more addresses.

Standards for naming roads

An effective system for addressing, routing, and navigation relies on a set of standards and guidelines for naming and numbering roads.

When naming roads, the following standards and guidelines apply in Beltrami County:

  • New road names cannot duplicate or sound like existing road names.  To check for names that are already in use, view our alphabetical road name list which is updated periodically.
  • Names should be easy to pronounce, easy to spell, and have a positive connotation.
  • Made up words or unconventional ways of spelling words should be avoided (e.g. Feelinrite Ln).
  • Road names that may be offensive or distasteful (slang, double meanings, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Surnames (e.g. Anderson Ln) or business names (such as names of resorts) should not be used.
  • Special characters such as hyphens, apostrophes, or dashes are not allowed.
  • Double street types, such as Deer Path Ln, are not allowed (both path and lane are used as street types).
  • Road names must use the appropriate post-directional indicator (N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, or SW) as established by the quadrant grids specified in the Beltrami County 911 Ordinance.

Additional standards can be viewed in full in the Beltrami County 911 Ordinance.

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