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Beltrami County Solid Waste

Commercial Businesses

Under the guidelines set in the Beltrami County Solid Waste Ordinance, all commercial business establishments must register with the Beltrami County Solid Waste Department within thirty (30) days of starting business. Commercial businesses must pay a Solid Waste Service fee based on the individual usage. The fee is increased as your Solid Waste tonnage increases. This is usually reviewed on an annual basis. The usage is determined by Transfer Station records and by tonnage reported to us by your hauler. If businesses elect to self-haul their Solid Waste, a haulers license must be obtained from the Solid Waste Manager, located at the Bemidji Transfer Station. Self-haulers would be required to identify and weigh their solid waste when delivering it to the Transfer Station. Self-haulers are prohibited from delivering it to the rural sites. If commercial solid waste fee are not paid on a timely basis, the Board of Commissioners can direct the Auditor’s office to attach them to the property taxes, as a special assessment, payable the following year. 

New Commercial Account Registration

SW Multi Tenant Billing

SW Commercial Hauler License Application

Bemidji Self Hauler License

SW Tax Exemption Certification

If a business ceases to do business in Beltrami County, it is their responsibility to notify the Beltrami Solid Waste Department and fill out the necessary form, otherwise the business will continue to be invoiced based on tonnage history until the proper procedure is followed. 

Out of Business Form

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