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Beltrami County Recorder's Office

Recording Checklist

Please consult a legal advisor for assistance on types of forms, how to complete forms or for legal advice. The Recorder's Office personnel cannot provide assistance in these areas as it is against the law to give legal advice unless you are a licensed attorney.

 Please check the following BEFORE SENDING documents in for recording:

All Documents

  • Document dated
  • Document signed & Notarized
  • Full Legal Description (Tax Statements use brief legal descriptions and are not sufficient)
  • Exhibits are attached as stated
  • Drafted By: (include name and address)
  • Filing fees (link to fees page)
  • Document Standards 
  • White out is unacceptable on any legal document

Transfer Deeds

    1. Seller certifies that seller does not know of any wells on the described real property.
    2. I am familiar with the property described in this instrument and I certify that the status and number of wells on the described real property has not changed since the last previously filed well disclosure certificate.
    3. Pursuant to a Contract for Deed: Buyer needs to certify to well status.

Miscellaneous Documents

  • Corrective Documents (new signatures and new acknowledgements along with a corrective statement and the original document that is being re-recorded)
  • Mortgage Registration Tax Included 
  • If property is Torrens property must state “Torrens property” on document to assure it will be filed correctly.


MN Department of Commerce - Real Estate Information

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