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Beltrami County Recorder's Office

Search Recorded Land Records

TAPESTRY is a “pay as you go” web-based software.  It allows for the searching of land documents and allows you to pay per search.  Tapestry will allow instant records retrieval, payment and printing. TAPESTRY .

To find out more information about Tapestry, visit their frequently asked questions  Not all documents are available online.  Please check the Tapestry website to see what time periods are available for Beltrami County records.

FIDLAR Technologies provides the customer support for this web-based software. Contact Fidlar at 563-345-1270 or email.

LAREDO is a subscription-based product available designed for the real estate professional who needs regular access to land records in the Beltrami County Recorder’s office. 

If you are interested in subscribing to Laredo, view On-Line Access Agreement. for details then contact the Beltrami County Recorder’s office to subscribe.

Before using Laredo, download and install a Laredo icon on your desktop to access the program. LAREDO .

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