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Current Year Tax Payment Information

Property Tax Statements for Real Estate properties will be mailed by March 31st. Tax information and printable copies of the tax statements will be accessible online by April 1st.

Partial payments are accepted on current taxes.  If any portion of the tax is overdue, the penalty is paid first on the current tax per M.S. 277.02; 279.01, Subd. 1.

Partial payments are also accepted on delinquent taxes.  Payments are applied in inverse order per M.S. 280.39.  (Example – Pay 2007 & Pay 2008 are delinquent – a partial payment would be applied to the total 2008 tax, penalty, interest and cost first, then any more payments would be applied to the 2007 amounts.) Amounts received are applied first to penalty, interest, and costs, with the remaining balance applied to the tax. 

Property Tax Calendar

January 1

Unpaid prior year taxes become delinquent

March 20

Prior Year Tax, first year delinquents published

March 31

Real Estate & Personal Property, Tax Statements mailed

April 3

Prior Year Tax, first year delinquents published 2nd time

May 15

1st Half real estate tax due on most property

July 15

Mobile Home Tax Statements mailed

August 31

1st Half mobile home taxes are due

October 15

2nd Half real estate tax due

November 15

2nd Half taxes due on property classified as "Agricultural"

November 15

2nd Half mobile home taxes due

November 24

Truth in Taxation Notices (Proposed Taxes) are mailed

December 15

Deadline for filing Homestead for next payable year's Taxes



When property tax payment deadlines fall on a weekend, the effective date to pay in person or by postmark, without penalty, becomes the next business day.

Property Tax Refund Calculator

Find out if you qualify for a property tax refund BEFORE you go through the steps to file! (have your property tax bill and completed income tax form ready)

Property Tax Refunds

software and forms to efile your property tax M1PR return.

Tax Statements for manufactured homes must be mailed by July 15th of each year.  They are usually mailed in June.

Taxes are due: August 31st - First half of annual manufactured home tax payment and November 15th for second half.

The owner of record as of January 2nd of the year the taxes are levied is the party responsible to pay the annual tax.  If the home is sold, responsibility is between the buyer and seller.  We will hold the seller responsible for the entire year’s tax, and if left unpaid, we will pursue collection from the original owner.

Transfer Title on a Manufactured Home

All delinquent and current year taxes in your name need to be paid on the manufactured home before a title transfer can take place. You will need a certification from the Real Estate & Tax Service Department stating that all the taxes in your name are paid. You can take this certification, your title, and all required lien releases to any Department of Motor Vehicles Office within the State of Minnesota to actually transfer the title.

Moving a Manufactured Home

A moving permit is required to move a mobile home and all delinquent and current year taxes must be paid. You will need a certification from the Real Estate & Tax Services Department stating all taxes are paid to obtain your moving permit. If the mobile home will be moved down any state highway, a MN/DOT permit must be obtained from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  If it is being moved on any county roads, a Beltrami County Moving Permit must also be obtained and submitted to the County Highway Department.