County Documents and Forms

Other Documents, not listed below, would include:

County Board Minutes

Business Licenses

Liquor Ordinance

On Sale Liquor On Sale Liquor Application Supplement forms and instructions

Off Sale Liquor Off Sale Liquor Application Supplement forms and instructions

On Sale Wine On Sale Wine Application Supplement forms and instructions

On and Off Sale 3.2 Beer On and Off Sale 3 2 Beer App Supplement forms and instructions

Auctioneer Application

Pawn Application

Tobacco Application

Transient Merchant Application


Environmental Services - shoreland, land & building use, permits

Aquatic Invasive Species Assessment

Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention and Management Plan

Authorized Agent Form

Building Permit

Conditional Use Permit

Plat Permit

Shoreland Alteration Permit

Variance Application

Wetland Application

Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) Documents

Maintenance Monitoring Agreement Holding Tank

Monitoring Form

Professional ISTS List

Septic Permit

SSTS Compliance Inspection Winter Agreement

SSTS Property Transfer Agreement

SSTS Transfer of Property Fact Sheet

SSTS Tank Installation Facts and Fees

SSTS Tank Abandonment and Reporting

Short Term Rentals

Authorized Agent

Customer Complaint Form

Good Neighbor Brochure

License Application

GIS & Addressing

Applying for an Address Form

Taxpayer Address Change Form

Mail Box Support Order

Plat Book Order Form

Health & Human Services

Public Assistance

Upload to Health & Human Services

Health Care Access Services

Upcoming Appointment Form

Verification & Reimbursement Form

Transportation Services Available

Highway and Right-of-Way

Adopt A Highway Application

Work in Judicial Ditch Permit Application

Mail Box Support Order

Online Permitting

Request for Ditch Repair

Special Event Permit

Specific Service Sign Application

Spring Road Load Restrictions Fact Sheet

Natural Resource Management

Aggregate Management Policy

Agricultural Lease Policy

Application and Policy for Easements and Access Across County Lands

Balsam Bough Permit Brochure

Consumer Scaler Agreement Application Form

Consumer Scaler Listing

Forest Management Plan

General Contract Conditions (Timber Contract)

Land Asset Management Policy

Land Exchange (Class B) Application Form

Land Sale and Conveyance Flow Chart

Land Sale FAQ's

LD-CM1 Contractor Management

LD-CM2 Contractor Procedure Package

Maple Syrup Permit Brochure

Responsible Contractor Application Form

Salvage Permits Brochure

Sample Letter of Credit

Sustainable Forest Management Commitments

Parks and Recreation

Forest Health Management and Amendment to Recreational Facilities Plan

Legacy Area Management Guide

Mississippi High Banks Camping Permit

Movil Maze Shelter Permit

Recreation Development Project Request

Recreational Facilities Plan

Recreational Trail Plan

Salvage Permits Brochure

Three Island Park - Shelter Use Permit

Real Estate and Tax Payer Forms

ACH Request

CR SCD Property Tax Deferral for Senior Citizens

DD 214 Veterans' Rquest Form

E-CRV (Certificate of Real Estate Value)

Homestead Application

Homestead Exclusion for Veteran with a Disaility

MN Department of Commerce

Mobile Home Homestead Application

Mobile Home Personal Property Assessment

Parcel Combination Request

Parcel/Address Update Request Form

Preliminary Parcel Division Request

Special Homestead Classification

Tax Research Request

Well Certificate

Sheriff Department

Application for Watercraft Event/Structure/Swim Area

Rental Watercraft Inspection Form

Local Background Check

Permit to Carry

Permit to Purchase

Public Data Request

Volunteer Application Form

Solid Waste

Multi-Tenant Billing

New Solid Waste Commercial Account Application

Out of Business Form

Bemidji Self Hauler License Application

Solid Waste Hauler License Application

Solid Waste Abatement Application

Solid Waste Fee Reduction Form

Solid Waste Management Plan Update

Solid Waste Tax Exemption Certificate

Solid Waste Charge Account Application

Vital Statistics - Birth, Death, Marriage, Ministerial

Birth Record Application

Credit Card Authorization Form (License Center)

Death Record Application

Marriage Certificate Request

Marriage License Application

Statement of Premarital Education Form

Supplemental to Application for Marriage License

Ordination or Ministerial Registration Certificate of Filing