Recording Checklist

Before sending in documents to be recorded, check the following:

1. All documents are dated and signed.

2. Documents are properly acknowledged:

  1. a) Date
    1. b) legible notary seal, notary signature and notary commission expiration date
    1. c) Name and marital status (single, husband & wife, etc) of signature being acknowledged
    2. d) If corporate acknowledgement - business name, who signed and their title in the business

    3. Legal Description if needed (check to make sure complete-do not use the tax description)
    4. Exhibits are attached (if stated)
    5. “Drafted by Statement” (name and address of person filling out the form)
    6. Correct Recording fees
    7. If the document pertains to “Torrens” property – you must state on the document that the property is either “Torrens” or “Registered Land”
    8. Corrective Documents (Need to have new signatures and new acknowledgments along with a corrective statement as to what is being corrected as well as the original document that was recorded and is now being corrected)
    9. Mortgage Registration Tax Included (mortgage amount X .0023 = mortgage tax) (payable to Auditor/Treasurer

    Transfer Deeds:
    1. State Deed Tax included (purchase price X .0033 = deed tax) (Check payable to Auditor/Treasurer)
    2. Completed Certificate of Real Estate Value (CRV), if required
    3. “Send Tax Statements to:” (include name and a physical address – PO Box not acceptable)
    4. Make sure there are no delinquent taxes.
    5. If this is a division or portion of a tax parcel – Current year taxes as well as $125 division fee must be paid. You will want to contact the Recorder’s Office at (218) 333-4170 or email the office to find out what else may be required.
    6. If applicable, statement regarding “Total consideration for this transfer is less than $3000” on transfer where there is minimum deed tax payable. (Check for $1.65 payable to Auditor/Treasurer)
    7. Completed Well Disclosure Certificate and $50.00 fee OR one of the following statements that apply:

  2. a) seller certifies that the seller does not know of any wells on the described real property.
  3. b) I am familiar with the property described in this instrument and I certify that the status and number of wells on the described real property has not changed since the last/previous filed well disclousre certificate.
  4. c) DEED PURSUANT TO A CONTRACT FOR DEED: Buyer certifies to well status by either signing the Well Disclosure Certificate or the Buyer certifies to the above statements.