Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I obtain a copy of my deed?
A. You may request a copy in person, by mail, fax, or e-mail.  See the County Fee Schedule for applicable fees.  (Note: It is helpful if you know approximate year the deed may have been recorded and an abbreviated legal description from the tax statement.  A parcel number is helpful but please keep in mind document are recorded by legal description not parcel number or property address.  Parcel numbers are for tax purposes only.)

Q. Where are real estate forms located?
A.  Minnesota Uniform Conveyance Blank forms are available from area attorney’s offices, abstract or title companies, business supply store or on-line at Minnesota Department of Commerce.

Note: If you are considering conveying only a portion of your property – you will need to contact the Recorders office at (218) 333-4170 prior to dividing your property and complete the Preliminary Parcel Division Request Form.

Q. Where do I get the Uniform Commerical Code forms?
A.  Minnesota Uniform Commercial Code forms are available from the Secretary of State’s website

Q. Will the Recorder’s Office help me fill out my forms?
A.  No.  We are not attorneys and do not practice law, therefore, please contact an attorney or abstract/title company for assistance.

Q. How can I search a property?
A.  You may either contact and abstract/title company, an attorney, or come in to the office and you can do the research yourself.  Office personnel will be happy to show you how to get started.  If you are unable to do the research yourself or hire someone to do it for you – we will do research for a fee, however, this will not be a certified search. Refer to the County Fee Schedule for pricing.

Q. What methods can I use for a search?
A. Grantor/Grantee search, document number search, legal description search, document type search. 

Access to Real Estate Records On-Line:

  1. Tapestry for the occasional professional user.  Tapestry is an internet access program for the occasional user working in a real estate related business.  If you do not have a good real estate background, you are advised to visit your local Recorder and get assistance to locate your documents.  If you have a good real estate background you should have no difficulty using Tapestry.  Tapestry offers access to other counties in Minnesota and the Midwest.  Fees are assessed.

  2. LAREDO is a subscription-based product available for regular users of Beltrami County Real Estate Records.  Laredo requires a log in and password for each user.  For information on subscription plan prices, please view the Beltrami County Recorder On-Line Access Agreement.

    After completion f the Agreement and receiving your Username and Password, CLICK HERE to access Laredo.

Q. How can I find out whether a property is Abstract or Torrens?
A. View the Platted Torrens Property or Unplatted Torrens Property Lists or Contact the Recorder’s office for more information.

Q. Where are Military Discharges recorded and how do I obtain a copy?
A. Military discharges are also known as DD214’s and are recorded in the offices of the County Recorder. We recommend that veterans record both the original member 1 and member 4. This way there is a record of the discharge in a secure location near the residence of the veteran making it easier to get a certified copy if needed.

Military discharges are now considered private information. This means that you have to fill out a “request for release of private data” form DD214 and show picture identification to get copies or certified copies.

Recording of military discharges and certified copies are free.

Q. When do I have to file a Well Disclosure Certificate?
A. Well Certificates are recorded with Deeds where there is a transfer of property. These certificates are then forwarded to the Well Management Section of the Minnesota Department of Health. For questions, please contact the Minnesota Department of Health at 1-800-383-9808.

Q. Where can I get the Minnesota Statutes?

A. The most updated Minnesota Statutes.

Q. How do I record a Postponement of Mortage Foreclosure Affidavit in Beltrami County?

A. Step by Step instructions

Q. How do I find another County’s offices?
A. You can either contact our office and we can give you that information or you can go directly to the Minnesota Association of County Officers.