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Movil Maze Recreation Area

Movil Maze, a 913 acre day-use recreation area, is located approximately 5 miles north of Bemidji, MN. It can be accessed via a graveled parking lot adjacent to Wildwood Road NE (County Road 305). This site is primitive, with an outdoor vault toilet as its only amenity.

Mountain Bike Trails are now OPEN to snowshoeing in the winter.

Movil Maze was named for a network of cross-country ski trails that where constructed in 1979 for the first Minnesota Finlandia Ski Marathon. Today there are over 14 kilometers of multiple-use trails that vary in scenery and topography. Ski-trail grooming and general trail-maintenance is done by the Bemidji Area Cross Country Ski Club (BACCSC) on behalf of Beltrami County through the Minnesota DNR, Grant-In-Aid program.


With an objective of increasing recreational opportunities throughout the year, off-season cross country ski trails are now open to a number of other non-motorized activities. Horseback riding, hiking, running, hunter walking, sightseeing and mountain biking to name a few.

The Shelter at Movil Maze is available for rent from April 1 to November 30. Shelter Permit


Finding the Spirit of Mountain Biking in the Upper Midwest


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A network of mountain bike trails have been constructed utilizing varying terrain features and man-made structures. These single-track trails are regionally recognized as being challenging to all skill levels.

Additional Information

Forest Health Management in Movil Maze is governed by the April 11, 2011 amendment to the Recreational Facilities Plan and a list of current projects is available for viewing.

Legacy Stands have been identified and designated, with guidelines for their management being adopted by the Beltrami County Board on October 15, 2013. Within the 293-acre Legacy area at Movil Maze, timber harvesting activities are prohibited.

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1. The Great Minnesota Ski Pass is required for cross-country skiers 16 years and older.  This pass can be purchased from the MNDNR utilizing their Electronic Licensing System.  Money generated from this pass is distributed through the Grant-In-Aid program and is used for grooming and trail maintenance.

2. No person shall operate a motor vehicle or snowmobile on trails or roads that are designated non-motorized, including ski, foot, horse, bike, or other accessible trail, unless the trail is also posted open for that particular motorized use.

3. Only portable deer stands are allowed in Movil Maze Recreation Area, no permanent tree stands are permitted.

4. Horses are permitted on all forest roads and trails except where it is posted prohibiting their use (single-track bike trails).

5. Bicycles are permitted on all trails except those posted prohibiting their use.

6. Running/hiking is permitted on all forest roads and trails except where it is posted otherwise.

7. Recreational activity that may damage the single-track mountain bike trail is prohibited. 

8. On groomed and tracked cross-country ski trails, activities which tend to damage the track or interfere with and disrupt use by skiers are prohibited. Damage is defined as any non-skiing activity that impacts the groomed track or packed trail (divot, ruts, post holing, etc.) more than normal traditional cross country, or skate skiing.

9. Pet animals shall be personally attended to at all times and shall be effectively under control.  Pet animals shall not disrupt other persons or deprive them from using an area.

10. Pet waste deposited in mowed or maintained areas must be immediately cleaned up by the pet owner or caretaker and deposited in an appropriate waste container (not vault toilets).

11.  Pets and horses are prohibited on ski trails during the winter skiing season.

12. All garbage shall be removed (“Carry-in, Carry-out”) from Beltrami County Recreation Area and disposed of properly.

None at this time.