Home Security Check Request

For Office Use Only

Request Type:

  (name of homeowner or rentor requesting security check.)
  (complete physical home address.)
  (name of trusted local keyholder and contact phone numbers. if same as above requesting person, cell phone or other numbers to contact homeowner if needed.)
Date Leaving:
Date Returning:
  (NOTE: if arriving home early, complete the online 'Cancel Request' and must include security word from your original request. Or call 218-333-9111 and advise you have returned home earlier than scheduled in order to cancel the security check.)
Security Word:
  (you will need to know this word if you cancel your request early.)
Additional Information:
  (List directions to home, color of house, who may be stopping by to care or pets or other issues including names and what they will be driving, and any other information relevant to officers conducting security checks on the residence or property.)