Soil and Water Conservation District

Water Plans

As a general-purpose unit of government, counties, with their planning and land-use authorities, are uniquely positioned to link many land-use decisions with local goals for surface and groundwater protection and management.  Through the Comprehensive Local Water Management Act (Act), counties are encouraged to make this link through the development and implementation of comprehensive local water management plans (county water plans).
According to the Act, these county water plans must:

cover the entire area within a county;

address water problems in the context of watershed units and groundwater systems;

be based upon principles of sound hydrologic management of water, effective environmental  protection, and efficient management; and

be consistent with local water management plans prepared by counties and watershed management organizations wholly or partially within a single watershed unit or groundwater system.

Mississippi River Headwaters One Watershed, One Plan

Draft Watershed Management Plan
2017-2027 Comprehensive Local Water Management Plan
2017 Beltrami County Priority Concerns Scoping Document
Leech Lake River One Watershed, One Plan
Thief River One Watershed, One Plan


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