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Patrol Deputies

Beltrami County Field Operations Deputies (Patrol Deputies) are licensed by the Minnesota Board of Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST). They are a direct representative of the Sheriff and have taken an oath to uphold the constitution and to protect and serve all people within their jurisdiction.

Deputies are responsible for patrolling 3000 square miles in Beltrami County. This includes over 1500 miles of County, State and Township roads, over 1.5 million acres of land including over 600 lakes encompassing 362,887 acres of water and several miles of rivers.

Deputies are responsible to keep the peace in the county. They respond to and investigate all crimes. They provide traffic enforcement as a means to keep people safe on the streets, roads and highways. All Deputies are trained in First Aid / C.P.R., use of a defibrillator, and often respond to emergency medical situations. They also serve civil papers, enforce court orders, provide security for the courthouse, and serve in the court room as Bailiffs. Deputies are responsible for safety on the waterways whether open water or frozen. They conduct search and rescue or recovery efforts on both land and water. There are times they are required to guard and transport prisoners. All Deputies are required to attend continuing education and training each year.

The Deputies would ask that you help us help you. If you see unusual or suspicious activity, call our communication center immediately at either 218-333-9111 or if you feel it may be an emergency dial 911.

  • When you see flashing emergency lights slow down and move to the right
  • Please remember to wear your seat belt
  • Wear a life jacket while in a boat or on a water craft
  • Wear a helmet while operating an ATV or motorcycle
  • NEVER drink and drive!

Beltrami County has some of the most tremendous fishing, hunting, hiking, camping, boating, canoeing, kayaking, ATV/ OHV and snowmobile riding opportunities in the state. Each year, many thousands of residents and visitors head out to the lakes, woods and trails to take advantage of the many recreational opportunities that abound. The Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing a safe environment for citizens spending time in the great outdoors.

The Beltrami County Sheriff’s Recreation Division consists of a supervisory Sergeant and two Deputies. The division is equipped with boats, personal watercraft, 4-wheelers, snowmobiles and other search and rescue related equipment.

There are more than 345 lakes covering over 345,000 acres that are patrolled during summer months. The Recreation Division enforces safety regulations, responds to boating accidents, search and rescue/ recovery operations, marking waterways with buoys, and enforcing local ordinances and state laws. The Sheriff’s Office works closely with volunteers, local fire departments and the Minnesota department of Natural Resources to help educate the community through training exercises. The Recreation Division issues permits for events and temporary structures on the water, and inspects rental watercraft at local resorts and campgrounds.

Here are some easy tips you can follow to make your boating experience safer and more enjoyable.

Submit an Application to hold a watercraft event/ice event or place a temporary structure in the water

Know and follow water safety and boating rules

Have adequate personal flotation safety devices

Make sure children under age 10 are wearing their life jackets at all times while in a watercraft

Obey speeds and no-wake rules

Exercise extra caution in areas where boats congregate and visibility is limited

Don’t tow tubers or skiers thru channels or other difficult-to-maneuver areas

Don’t drink and boat

Watch the weather report and use common sense if lightning is present or bad weather approaches

Have a cell phone or communication devise available

Know your local emergency numbers

Report problems to the Recreation Division and let them handle the investigation

Beltrami County deputies patrol approximately 677 miles of snowmobile trails. The purpose of ATV and snowmobile patrol is to increase law enforcement presence on the local trails to ensure compliance with state and local laws, and to serve in a public safety awareness role. The Recreational Deputies purpose mirrors that of the patrol division in many aspects.

The Beltrami County Recreational program is partly funded by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) through state and federal grants.

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The Beltrami County Sheriff’s K-9 unit was established to augment the Sheriff’s services to the community.  Highly skilled and trained teams of handlers and Sheriff’s canines have evolved from the program and are used to supplement Sheriff’s Office operations to locate and apprehend criminal offenders.

Beltrami County Sheriff’s K-9’s have a rigorous training regimen to be prepared for their duties.  They are also required to annually re-certify with a nationally recognized training and certification organization. 

Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office has utilized the services of a K-9 team(s) since 1992 when Deputy Randy Fitzgerald obtained K-9 Bandit.  K-9 Bandit had a very successful career in Beltrami County being the first police canine in the area trained in criminal apprehension to work in Beltrami County and the surrounding area. In the spring of 1999 Bandit retired from service to Beltrami County. After the retirement of bandit, Sgt. Fitzgerald obtained K-9 Tracer.
A tradition of excellence in K-9 service continued:

  • * K-9 Hunter to handler Sgt. Ernie Beitel in 2000 (retired 7/2008)
  • * K-9 Vosco to handler Deputy Dan Rockensock in 2006 (retired 2012) re-assigned K-9 Kayos
  • * K-9 Chris to handler Sergeant Jason Riggs in the winter of 2007 (retired 7/2011)
  • * K-9 Jessi to handler Sergeant Tony Petrie in 2013
  • * K9 Mac to handler Deputy Kyle Nohre in 2016


Prior to receiving K-9 Vosco, Deputy Dan Rockensock had been assigned to K-9 Rocky.  K-9 Rocky’s career tragically ended shortly after starting his law enforcement career when he succumbed to an allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock) to a bee sting. K-9’s Bandit, Rocky, Hunter, Chris and Kayos will always be remembered for their selfless, dedicated service to their handlers and to the citizens of Beltrami County.

K-9 Jessi is a “dual” trained in apprehension, tracking, narcotics detection and article location.  K-9 Jessi has located numerous suspects who have fled law enforcement on foot.  She has also assisted in locating multiple lost parties who were in need of help.  K-9 Jessi is a regionally and nationally certified narcotics K-9 through the USPCA.  Her national certification came from competing against some of the best narcotics detection K-9’s in the United States.  K9 Jessi and K9 Mac also both assist the Headwaters SWAT team whenever they may be needed.

K9 Mac is also trained in tracking, narcotics detection, article location, obedience and apprehension.  K9 Mac has been successful in locating illegal narcotics from a number of traffic stops and search warrants.  K9 Mac has also assisted in tracking suspects and locating evidence in relation to crimes that have taken place throughout Beltrami County.

Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Teams serve its citizens at a very low cost to the taxpayers.  All current and past funds used to obtain, train and maintain the K-9 teams were acquired through private donations and grants.  The Nielson Foundation has been a significant contributor and supporter over the years and is part of the foundation that supports the Beltrami County Sheriff K-9 Unit.  The Nielson Foundation and all those that have donated over the years cannot be thanked enough for dedication to our program.