Emergency Management

Beltrami County Emergency Management is located within the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office and is responsible for the development and implementation of an all-hazard emergency plan to guide county personnel and resources during times of disaster and crisis including but not limited to: naturally occurring disasters, accidental or intentional man-made disasters, disease outbreak and many other potential situations.  Emergency Management is also responsible for opening and managing the county’s Emergency Operations Center.

Emergency Management can be categorized into four phases: preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.  During the four phases of emergency management, we are always working in a continuous state of prevention.  Preparedness is having an understanding of the hazards Beltrami County faces and being prepared to respond to them.  Response is responding to an event and meeting the county’s needs.  Recovery focuses on restoring the county to pre-event condition.  During mitigation we evaluate our hazards and take measures to reduce our vulnerability and affects they have on our community.  Working together and promoting initiatives such as “See something, say something!” we work to prevent incidents from happening.

Christopher Muller
Emergency Management Director

Beltrami County Law Enforcement Ctr
613 Minnesota Ave NW
Bemidji, MN 56601

Beltrami County Emergency Management serves as a liaison to local, state, tribal and federal agencies that work with Beltrami County on day to day operations or during times of crisis.  During times of significant community needs Emergency Management coordinates with local responders to acquire needed external resources.  Affiliated volunteer organizations including the Beltrami County Mounted Posse, Paul Bunyan Amateur Radio Club and North Country First Responders are organized under Beltrami County Emergency Management. 

Beltrami County Emergency Management is part of the Minnesota Homeland Security Emergency Management (Northwest) Region 3 Joint Powers Board and is a member of the Association of Minnesota Emergency Managers.  We participate in many preparedness initiatives including Winter Hazard Awareness Week, Severe Weather Awareness Week and National Preparedness Month.  In addition we engage the public at many events throughout the county and try to make as many invitations as we receive to talk about resiliency and preparedness in our communities.

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