Commissioner Tim SumnerCommissioner Joe Vene

Precincts in District 4

City of Blackduck
City of Funkley
City of Kelliher
Townships: Battle, Benville, Cormant, Hamre, Hines, Hornet, Kelliher, Langor,
Lee, Minnie, Quiring, Shooks, Shotley, Spruce Grove, Steenerson,
Unorganized Lower Red Lake, Unorganized Upper Red Lake,
Unorganized North Beltrami, Unorganized Shotley Brook, Waskish, Woodrow

Contact Information

Tim Sumner
PO Box 291
Red Lake, MN 56671

Committee Appointments

Alternate on any Committee, Board or Commission
Association of Minnesota Counties
(including the Environment & Natural Resource Policy Committee)
ATV Committee
Blackduck Ambulance
ConCon Fund Committee
Ditch Committees
Jail Steering Committee
Joint Powers Natural Resource Board (Alternate)
Kelliher Resource Center
NW MN Juvenile Center Board
One Watershed/One Plan Policy Committee (Red Lake Falls)
State & Federal Legislative Activities
Veterans Home Task Force (Alternate)
Ditch Authority Boards for ditches 30 & 36