Beltrami County Ordinances


5 Subdivision Controls Ordinance Environmental Services
6 Shoreland Management Environmental Services
7 Filing of Surveys with the County Surveyor GIS/Mapping
8 Regulating Advertising Devices along the Great River Road Environmental Services
9 Authorize and Execute an Agreement between the City of Bemidji and the County of Beltrami for the Joint Operation of an Airport Administration
10 Upper Mississippi River Conservation Environmental Services
11 Public Health Ordinance Environmental Services
13 Solid Waste Ordinance Solid Waste Management
14 Environmental Review Ordinance Environmental Services
22 Airport Standards Ordinance Environmental Services
29 Tobacco Licensing and Sales Regulation Auditor/Treasurer
31 Wetland Conservation Ordinance of 2000 - REPEALED 10/2016 Environmental Services
32 Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Environmental Services
33 Beltrami County 911 GIS/Mapping
34 Regulation of Adult Uses and Sexually Oriented Business Environmental Services
35 Tower and Wind Energy Conversion System Environmental Services
36 Clean Up of Clandestine Drug Lab Sites Environmental Services
37 Soo Line Trail Rules and Safety Regulations Natural Resource Management
38A Smoke Free Ordinance for Indoor Public Places and Places of Work Health & Human Services
39 Emergency Alarm Ordinance Emergency Management
41 Management of all ATVs in Public ROW of Certain Roads Sheriff's Department
42 Automated Pawnshop, Secondhand Dealers and Precious Metals Dealers Auditor/Treasurer
43 Ordinance to Limit Public Gatherings Environmental Services
44 Sale of Alcoholic Beverages Auditor/Treasurer
45 Water Surface Use Ordinance Sheriff's Department
46 Public Right-of-Way Ordinance Highway Department
47 Developed County Parks and Recreation Areas Natural Resource Management
48 Buffer Ordinance Environmental Services
49 Short Term Rental Environmental Services