Soil and Water Conservation District


To provide comprehensive soil and water conservation services in Beltrami County.


To inform and educate the public and policy makers on environmental conservation issues.

To enhance and protect the quality of Beltrami County water resources.

To improve and protect the soils in Beltrami County.

To promote and assist in sustainable forest management.

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The organization of the Beltrami County Soil Conservation District (changed to Soil and Water Conservation District in 1958) was motivated by conservation issues such as drainage, low soil fertility, water erosion, poor pastures, forest management, and wildlife and recreation needs. In March of 1950, a certificate of organization was issued by the State, the result of the efforts of county farmers, the Veteran's agricultural classes and instructors, businessmen, and the Agricultural Extension Service. Twenty-one townships in central north-east part of the county comprised the District in 1950, and the office with two part-time employees was located in Kelliher. The remaining southern townships were included in 1954 as was the Red Lake Indian Reservation in 1969. The townships north of Upper Red Lake were included in 1972 and the northwest twelve townships were included in 2010.

In 2010, a cooperative agreement was entered into between the SWCD and the Beltrami County Board. The agreement highlights a collaborative partnership to achieve efficiencies and improved delivery of environmental conservation programs. The SWCD will continue to assist landowners in protecting and preserving the natural resources of Beltrami County.



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