Sheriff's Office

Court Security

Judicial Center

600 Minnesota Avenue NW, Bemidji, MN
218-333-4087 or 218- 333-4214

We can all appreciate the reality of the world we live in today.  The increase in violence in courthouses across America brings an increase in security measures.  It is the duty of the Beltrami County Court Security division to provide for a safe and secure court environment.  This group of professionals take great pride in keeping a secure court environment, and appreciate your help in maintaining that security. 

Comprised of both Court Deputies and Court Security Officers, this unit works closely together in order to accomplish any given task. Daily operations may include; maintaining order and decorum in up to four courtrooms simultaneously, transporting inmates from the jail for in-custody appearances, screening all entrants to ensure safety, fingerprinting of applicants and those ordered by the court, and others.

The mission of the Court Security Unit is to provide and maintain a high level of safety and security within the Beltrami County Judicial Center so that all those conducting the business of the Court may do so without encumbrance. This unit is also tasked with providing security for other buildings located on the Beltrami County Campus.

Here are a few suggestions to help smooth your visit to our Judicial Center:

1) Take an extra few minutes to arrive early at court especially in the morning, which is usually the busiest time.

2) think as though you are going to the airport.  Metal objects on you or your person can be detected by our walkthrough metal detector.  Please leave large metal jewelry, coins, keys, and purses at your office or in your car.  If a certain article of clothing constantly holds you up at the security station try to replace it with a different article next time you come through.

3) Judges and attorneys are very concerned about distractions while court is in session; also, judges want to keep electronics and recording devices out of the courthouse.  With this in mind please keep cell phones, computers, cameras, and I pads behind as well.  This will help you to breeze through our security screening process. 

The Court Security staff is here to help and if you have any questions concerning the security process do not hesitate to ask.  Court Security Deputies are also available as a county campus resource to address any security concerns.

Rules and Regulations

Security measures in the Judicial Center involve passing through a metal detector such as one would find at an airport.  This precaution is designed to prohibit any electronic devices, weapons or other potentially dangerous items from being taken into the building.

The following items will not be allowed inside the building:

Firearms, unless carried by a licensed peace officer on active duty and on official business; or other person as authorized by the court.
Knives, bladed instruments or cutting tools (any size)
Electronic incapacitation devices
Chemical incapacitation sprays
Combustible or flammable liquid
Any other item designed or carried as a weapon capable of producing death or great bodily harm
Any replica or toy version of the above-listed items
Any camera or electronic recording device
Digital audio players and / or recorders
Cellular Telephones, electronic organizers, blue tooth headset, smart watches, and laptop computers, except as authorized by the court
Any item which is illegal to possess under Minnesota law


These rules apply to anyone entering this building for any reason including reporting for jury duty, attending a hearing, visiting the County Attorneys office, paying a fine, being fingerprinted,  inquiring of a warrant status or conducting other business with the Clerk of Courts office.  There will be no exceptions. Please make plans prior to arrival at the Judicial Center to stow, in a safe place, those items that are not allowed in the Judicial Center.




Transportation operates through the Court Security Unit and is managed by the Court Security Supervisor. Transportation is responsible for safely moving prisoners within the local area, outlying areas within the state as well as other states.

Possible destinations include Corrections facilities operated by other Minnesota counties, Minnesota Department of Corrections Institutions, medical facilities, alcohol and drug treatment programs, and mental health treatment centers. Much of this activity is in response to and directed by Court order.

The Transportation Officer is also tasked with coordinating activities with other agencies in order to economize transportation costs. In addition, this officer maintains a small fleet of vehicles dedicated to the transport role, which must be ready and able to travel anywhere on short notice. The position also requires the ability to communicate on an ongoing basis with local and distant agencies as dictated by any change in the status of the transport.