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Child Protection

Beltrami County Social Services is responsible for screening, assessing and investigating reports of child maltreatment (Beltrami County Child Maltreatment Screening Guidelines) and providing ongoing case management services.  Once a report is screened in there are two investigative responses.

Investigative:  Investigations are designed to respond to reports of substantial child endangerment and neglect of children.  Reports of child maltreatment that allege substantial child endangerment must receive an investigation.  “Investigation” means fact gathering related to the current safety of the child and the risk of subsequent maltreatment that determines whether child maltreatment occurred and whether child protective services are needed. M.S. 626.556 subd. 2.

Family Assessment:  Reports not involving substantial child maltreatment may be assigned as a family assessment.  A “family Assessment” means a comprehensive assessment of child safety, risk of subsequent child maltreatment and the family’s strengths and needs as applied to a child maltreatment report that does not allege substantial child endangerment.  Family assessment does not include a determination as to whether child maltreatment occurred but does determine the need to address the safety of family members and the risk of subsequent maltreatment. M.S. 626.556, subd. 1.

If services are determined to be necessary Child Protection case management would be offered either on a voluntary or non-voluntary basis depending upon the needs of the family and severity of the problems facing the family.  Case management services consist of:

1. Information and Referral services:  Providing information on available services and assisting the setting up of services for the family.

2. Identification of Strengths and Needs:  through ongoing assessment the case manager works with the family to identify the strengths and needs of the family and set ongoing goals that will enhance the family’s strengths while addressing the ongoing needs of the family.

3. Maintenance of Records:  Beltrami will maintain both digital and hard copy records per state statute.

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