Social Services - Children's Services

Maltreatment Report

If the situation is currently happening and an immediate response is needed to stop suspected abuse or neglect, please contact law enforcement at 218-333-9111 Immediately.

If the situation doesn’t require an immediate response the following ways are options to making a Child Protection Report. Reports emailed or faxed in are processed on a daily basis and responded to appropriately.

A report can be made over the phone by calling Child Protection Intake at 218-333-8245 and ask to speak with a child protection intake social worker. Intake workers are only available by phone Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm excluding holidays.

A written report can also be emailed 24/7 to

A written report can also be faxed 24/7 to 218-333-4295

Complete the Maltreatment Report Form and email to