Social Services - Adult Services

Adult Foster Care Licensing

Adults being considered for placement in an adult foster care home typically are unable to live alone due to limitations in areas such as self-care or household maintenance.  They do not need to be placed in a nursing home or an institution, but yet are incapable of independent living.  Others may be discharged from a hospital and need temporary supervision while regaining their health.  The benefits of adult foster care include providing a humane and efficient way of caring for certain adults while providing a positive focus on skills, abilities and strengths while integrating them into the community.

  Goals of community based alternative for adults 18 years of age and over:   Beltrami County Health & Human Services licenses, monitors and supports for foster familes. Licensing process includes:

To provide care in the least restrictive setting  

Background Studies


To enable adults to obtain or maintain and optimum degree of independence and dignity in a supervised setting  

Fire Marshal's Inspection

To prevent neglect, abuse or exploitation of those who are unable to protect themselves  

Orientation and Training

To achieve or maintain self-sufficiency or self-support  

Well Water Testing

To prevent, reduce or eliminate dependency  

Home Study

Reference Checks


  Requirements to be a licensed provider include:   Adult Foster Care Provider role includes, but is not limited to:

  • Applicant(s) must be at least 18 years of age

  • Include resident in family life

  • Applicant(s) must reside in Beltrami County


Provide opportunities to participate in religious or cultural activities of the resident’s choice and to protect the heritage of the resident


  • Applicant(s) and adult household members must be free of chemical use problems for the past two years


  • Provide the resident with opportunities to participate in community events and activities as well as maintain contact with their family and friends

Applicant(s) need to have sufficient income to meet their own needs  

  1. Provide access to medical, dental, optical and pharmaceutical care

  • Applicant(s) and household members 13 years of age and over must pass a background check




If you are interested in becoming an adult foster care provider, please complete the Adult Foster Care Prospective Provider Form and submit to: Michele Voorhees, 218-333-4269, email.