Social Services - Adult Services

Chemical Use Assessment

Persons who have medical insurance coverage, or who have the ability to pay, may contact any of the following providers to schedule a chemical use assessment:

Bemidji Area Program for Recovery


Sanford Behaviorial Health

218-751-3280 or 1-800-422-7843

Woodvale Psychological Services


North Homes Children and Family Services



Native Americans living on the Red Lake or Leech Lake Reservation must contact the appropriate reservation office for information and appointments (assessments are NOT done by Beltrami County Health and Human Services staff.)

Leech Lake Outpatient Program


Leech Lake Rule 25 Assessment Program


Red Lake Alcohol Rehabilitation

218-679-3392 or 218-679-3995


Beltrami County Health and Human Services staff will complete chemical use assessments at no charge to Beltrami County residents who are not receiving financial or medical assistance from another county and meet income and asset eligibility criteria.  Persons not meeting income, asset and residency criteria will be charged a social services assessment fee of $200.00 for assessment(s) completed at Beltrami County Health and Human Services. 

APPOINTMENTS:    To receive an assessment by the county on an Appointment Basis:  To schedule an appointment, please contact the receptionist at (218)333-4223.  Please Note:   If an individual is late for his or her scheduled appointment, staff will provide assessment service to others who may be waiting.  This may result in the individual needing to reschedule the appointment, or require the person to obtain an assessment from a private vendor if the newly scheduled time is not acceptable to the individual.

For assessments completed by county staff, individuals MUST provide verification of one month’s income and furnish the names of two people who know the person well (family or friends) for the purpose of obtaining necessary collateral information for the assessment to be considered complete.

Minnesota Department of Human Services - Adult Substance Abuse