Shoreland Management

The County Shoreland Management Ordinance (SMO) No. 6 applies to the shorelands of public water bodies in the unincorporated areas of Beltrami County and incorporated areas by mutual agreement.  Permits are required for the construction of any structure within 1,000 feet of a lake or 300 feet of a river.  The county has also adopted and enforces the provisions of the Mississippi Headwaters Board (MHB) Comprehensive Plan which may include requirements more restrictive than in the SMO. The MHB plan expands the shoreland management zones of the Mississippi River to 500 feet and 1000 feet. Visit Online Mapping to help determine whether a project is located within a designated shoreland management area.

No owner, contractor, subcontractor, builder or other person shall begin a project regulated by the SMO without the necessary permits.  Permits are required for the placement of structures or structure additions, including such activities as construction of residences, garages, decks, signs, second story additions, basements, and grading and filling activities.  Violations – work without the required permit – are charged the regular fee plus a minimum administrative fee of 2 hours. See the County Fee Schedule for rates. Contact the ESD at 218-333-4158 for additional information.

The Beltrami County Environmental Services Department administers the SMO within all designated Shoreland Management Zones (Zone Map) except the following:

Authority Zone Area Contact
Greater Bemidji Area Joint Planning Board

City of Bemidji

Northern Township

City of Bemidji City of Bemidji Building Permits & Rental Inspections Dept
Township Zoning Administrator Frohn, Sugar Bush, Ten Lake Jim Baruth 218-335-0172
City of Blackduck City of Blackduck Blackduck City Administration
City of Kelliher Cityof Kelliher Kelliher City Administration
City of Wilton City of Wilton City Hall 218-444-9110