Jail - Facility Information

The Beltrami County Jail, as are all jails in Minnesota, is licensed by the state and regulated by the Minnesota Department of Corrections. The facility is governed by and adheres to state statutes and rules promulgated by the Department of Corrections. The facility is inspected annually to gauge compliance in the areas of; staffing, population density, training, classification, fiscal issues, reporting, policy and procedure, and others.

Original construction of the jail was completed in 1989, with the facility being occupied in July of that year. The initial planned capacity of 68 inmates was increased by adding 13 more available beds during construction. In 2001, the County Board, with the consent of the D. O. C., authorized the addition of 25 beds through double bunking, bringing the capacity to 106, of these, 12 were designated as “female beds”. In addition, there were 6 temporary holding cells created for orientation and classification of new inmates.

Increases in average booking rates from 1990 to 2005 created the need to board Beltrami County inmates in other counties, resulting in increased expense. In 2002 alone, $200,000.00 was spent in order to avoid severe overcrowding. Since the opening of its new 60 bed minimum security unit in 2004, the jail has not had to board inmates out of county.

Beltrami County Jail and Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office  personnel  working in close cooperation with other Beltrami County departments began, in 2008, a project of upgrading  the 20 year old jail. Concerns ranged from favorably adjusting the economy of operations, enhancing safety and security, improving the intake and classification processes, upgrading kitchen operations, and others. The project  is currently shelved in a practically shovel ready state due to funding constraints and other current concerns.

Jail Building