Sheriff's Office

Headwaters S.W.A.T.

Headwaters Special Weapons And Tactics Team (S.W.A.T.) provides highly trained and motivated personnel to be used in those instances where specialized skills are required to cope with situations where regular patrol officer resources would not be sufficient to resolve a situation. The team consists of operators from the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office, Bemidji Police Department, Blackduck Police Department, Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office and Bagley Police Department. S.W.A.T. members are an asset to the departments in which they serve, providing a pool of highly trained and disciplined officers to assist officers in the field. Simultaneously, S.W.A.T. members are a reserve resource which may respond to civil disturbances, natural disasters or catastrophic incidents. These skills provide field commanders with a versatile resource in restoring control to an area that is under attack, or a danger to officers or civilians.

Headwaters S.W.A.T. consists of highly motivated and well conditioned officers, specially trained and equipped to function as a tactical unit to respond more effectively and safely to enforcement confrontation situations or disasters than a group of officers not so trained and equipped.

The safety and preservation of all human life is S.W.A.T.’s primary objective. The Team accomplishes this objective by acting as a support unit which is specially trained and equipped to resolve critical high risk situations. Containment of suspects and negotiation procedures are the Team’s first responsibilities. S.W.A.T. personnel strive to promote a cooperative and harmonious working relationship with citizens, other personnel within their own departments as well as other law enforcement agencies within their jurisdiction.

Responsibilities of Headwaters S.W.A.T. include situations involving barricaded and dangerous suspects; hostage situations; sniper attacks; executing dangerous high risk arrest and search warrants; providing security for visiting dignitaries and VIPS; crisis negotiation situations; potentially violent crowd control and civil protests involving mass arrests; any situation where the use of chemical agents are required; restoring order, protecting property and providing aid in natural disasters or catastrophic incidents; and other specialized functions deemed necessary by the Beltrami County Sheriff.