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Wilton Hill Recreation Area

Wilton Hill, a 230-acre day-use recreation area, is located approximately 1.5 miles southwest of Wilton, MN. The site hosts a large reclaimed gravel pit opened to motorized use, primitive boat access to a 33-acre lake, and non-motorized trail access to the old site of a fire tower atop a 1513 ft. tall hill. At this time, there are no amenities at this location.



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Wilton Hill Area

Wilton Hill Trail





  1. 1. Park hours are from sunrise to sunset. Wilton Hill Recreation Area is a day-use area and overnight camping is not allowed.
  2. 2. Open to hunting.  Only portable deer stands are allowed in Wilton Hill Recreation Area, no permanent tree stands are permitted.
  3. 3. No target shooting is allowed.
  4. 4. All garbage shall be removed (“Carry-in, Carry-out”) and disposed of properly.
  5. 5. It is unlawful to build or maintain a fire except when in a fireplace, grill, or a fire ring provided for that purpose.  
  6. 6. No person shall operate a motor vehicle or snowmobile in areas that are designated non-motorized, unless the area is also posted open for that particular motorized use.
  7. 7. Pets shall be personally attended to at all times and shall be effectively under control.  Pets shall not disrupt other persons or deprive them from using an area.  Pet waste deposited in mowed or maintained areas must be immediately cleaned up by the pet owner or caretaker.
  8. 8. Any other applicable regulations listed in the “Developed County Parks and Recreation Area Ordinance No. 47”.