Parks and Recreation

Legacy Stands

In late 2012, a Working Group was formed by the Parks and Trails Advisory Council.  The group consisted of four members:  Jim Gallagher, Pete Midby, George-Ann Maxson, and Bruce Slinkman.  In January 2013 the group received their official charge – to identify up to 400 acres of forest stands in Three Island Park and Movil Maze, stands which would be retained with little or no future forest management activity. The name selected for these stands was LEGACY AREAS. The Legacy Group recommendations and stand selections were developed by the Group with frequent interaction with NRM staff. Recommendations for 397 acres were presented as a collaborative proposal to the County Board at the October 15, 2013 Work Session and were then approved by the Board later that day as a consent agenda item.

The full text of the Legacy Area management guidelines and location maps can be found here.

Within the coming months recreational users within these areas will begin to see trail signs where trails enter or run along the side of these Legacy Areas. Please respect these areas and remember that there will be no tree cutting or gathering of material permitted on these designated Legacy Areas.