Adopt A Highway

Adopt-A-Highway Programs provide an avenue for individuals, organizations, or businesses to help; maintain sections of roadside within Beltrami County. In addition to the aesthetic benefits of cleaner and more beautiful roadsides, participants help to prevent potential, pollutants from entering our waterways and save Beltrami County taxpayer dollars.

The Adopt-A-Highway Program provides a great opportunity to promote civic responsibility, community pride, and camaraderie within organizations. And, even though the Adopt-A-Highway Program may not be used as a forum for advertising or public discourse, Adopt-A-Highway courtesy signs provide prominent recognition for its participants.

How Does It Work?

Community groups, churches, individuals or businesses adopt a highway by picking up litter on both sides of the highway for at least two years.

An Application form must be filled out by the organization or individual wanting to adopt a section of highway.  The group leader should drop off the application at the Beltrami County Highway Department and verify that the section of highway is available or adoptable.

The group leader is responsible for reviewing the Terms and Conditions with all participants. 

The Volunteer Sign in Sheet must be signed by each volunteer participant in the cleanup.  All participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian signature. The group leader is responsible for keeping the original copy of all Sign in Sheets and a copy must be mailed to the Beltrami County Highway Department at the address shown on the Form. Please make sure to list any hazardous material and its location on this form.

Adopt a highway Groups Agree To:

Beltrami County Will:

Why Care?

*********Life Span of Litter*********
Styrofoam Never
Glass Bottle apx.1 million yrs
Plastic 6 pk ring 450 years
Aluminum 80-100 years
Rubber boot sole 50-80 years
Leather up to 50 years
Nylon fabric 30-40 years
Plastic bag 10-20 years
Wool clothing 1-5 years
Cigarette butt 1-5 years
Cotton fabric 1-5 months
orange/banana peel 2-5 weeks