Social Services - Children's Services

Foster Care Licensing

Foster care homes are utilized when a child(ren) cannot live with their own families.  Children typically enter foster care due to neglect, abuse, or a family crisis or the child’s acting out at home.  Foster parents provide a safe, consistent, nurturing and stable living environment for these children until they can be safely returned to their families.

Beltrami County Health and Human Services licenses, monitors and supports foster families.  The licensing process includes:

Adam Walsh Background Studies
Fire Marshal's Inspection
Orientation and Training
Well Water Testing
Home Study
Reference Checks, etc.

Requirements to be a licensed provider include:

Applicant(s) must be at least 21 years of age
Applicant(s) must reside in Beltrami County
Applicant(s) and adult household members must be free of chemical use problems for the past two years
Applicant(s) need to have sufficient income to meet their own needs
Applicant(s) and household members 13 years of age and over must pass a background check
Applicant(s) should be one year from a major life change such as a marriage, divorce, birth of a first child or a significant loss, etc.

Foster Care homes are licensed according to Minnesota laws. For more information, see the Minnesota Statutes, Session Laws and Rules (Child Foster Care Rule 2960.3000-2960.3300) or see the entire Human Services Licensing Act and search for Chapter 245a.c.

Application to apply for Adoption and Child Foster Care Provider Services

Adoption and Foster Care Individual Fact Sheet

Child Day Care

The State licenses family and group family child care.  Family child care is for ten children or less at one time (no more than six of which are under school age).  Group family child care is for eleven to fourteen children at any one time.  The total number of children includes all children of any caregiver when the children are present in the home.  The county’s responsibility is to ensure that these homes meet prescribed licensing requirements to provide for the safety and health of children left in their care.