Property Information

Services Available On-Line

Pay Property Taxes On-line

On-line payment can be made using a credit card or by a payment right out of your checking account. The convenience fees that you will pay go directly to a processing company and Beltrami County does not receive any portion of those fees. The fees will be charged at a rate of 2.50% on any credit card tax payment and $2.75 for each electronic check. You will need to have your parcel number or numbers available. (the parcel number is found near the top of your tax bill). Our jurisdiction number is 3322.

Property Tax Inquiry

The Property Tax Inquiry aides in the online retrieval of real estate and tax information. This search is available by Property ID or Property Address and is a free service to the public.

Property Management Portal

This application is an online resource for business partners.  The Portal gathers and presents information from multiple departments:

Assessment Information

Property and Tax Information

Recorded Documents

Permits and CRVs

Survey Records


The Property Management Portal is a subscription based, secure site for our business partners to access the County information they need to conduct business from the convenience of their own desk. Subscribers must complete an on-line registration and receive subscription authorization before their account becomes active. Accounts are billed via electronic invoice.

Tax Forfeited Land Management

Beltrami County manages over 147,000 acres of tax forfeited land.  The most important thing about tax forfeited land is to know who has ownership – whether it is USA Forest Service managed, State of Minnesota (DNR managed) or State in Trust (Beltrami County Managed).  This information is available on our County Online Mapping program.  Tax forfeited land is managed for recreational, natural resources, conservation, water/wetland protection, as well as wildlife protection while also affording a steady economic return to the taxing districts.

On-Line Map

Is available with limited functionality through the Beltrami County Website or with full functionality through the Property Management Portal.

Please contact Diane Moe 218-333-8478 for details.