Health and Human Services


People have the resources they need to be safe, healthy and independent.


We support people as they help themselves.

At Beltrami County Health and Human Services, we believe...

...We build a stronger community by helping area residents achieve optimal health and self sufficiency.

...That working together collaboratively with community partners helps us meet the diverse needs of our community with creativity and respect.

...We must embrace challenge and continuous change to create a responsive agency that sets standards to which other counties will aspire.

...We are open-minded and open-hearted; we learn with each client we serve, through listening, caring and giving our very best to ensure they are safe and that their needs are being met.

Our department, in collaboration with other community partners, is dedicated to providing a broad array of benefits and services to individuals, families and communities. We work cooperatively to empower and support Beltrami County Citizens to ensure they enjoy healthy, safe, and self-sufficient lives.

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