Soil and Water Conservation District

Tree Program

The Beltrami SWCD carries approximately 40 species of low cost trees and shrubs available for purchase each spring to landowners for use in conservation practices including habitat improvement, windbreaks, shelterbelts, erosion control, water quality protection and energy conservation projects. The Tree Order Form includes a variety of potentially high wildlife-value trees and shrubs. These are selected because they are non-invasive, have acclimated seed sources, well established root systems and provide suitable species opportunity for all soils/drainage applications. Hardwoods and shrubs are available in full bundles at a discounted price and several tree care items are also available.

Tree Order Forms are available here or at the counter of the Environmental Services Department in the County Administration Building, 701 Minnesota Ave. NW, Bemidji, MN 56601 or by emailing Kathy.

Tree Descriptions with additional details and photos are also available here.

Additional resources include the Minnesota Tree Planting Handbook made available by the University of Minnesota and the Tree Owner's Manual from the U.S. Forest Service.

Sustaining Minnesota Forest Resources



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