Soil and Water Conservation District

Clearwater Lake Shoreline Restoration and Protection Project

Enbridge has provided a total of $3 million in funding over three years to help protect and restore the natural environment in communities in North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin along existing and proposed pipeline routes.


Beltrami County SWCD received an Ecofootprint Grant for $75,000 funded by Enbridge.  These funds will be used to prevent and restore high bank failure identified by a lake management plan developed by the Clearwater Lake Area Association and the Red Lake Watershed District.

The management plan compiled water quality information and completed a lake water quality assessment and surveyed Clearwater Lake area property owners, residents, government staff, and general public to facilitate discussion regarding sustainable lake planning.  An area of concern identified in the management plan is the contribution of sediment and nutrients from individual lake lots.  The plan identified Clearwater Lake as a flow-through lake along the Clearwater River; the lake has a relatively young geologic history leaving the slopes susceptible to aggressive down cutting and erosion leading to increased sedimentation and decreased water quality.  Water quality assessments compared the inlet and the outlet of Clearwater Lake, found approximately 260 tons of sediment, and over a ton of phosphorus is deposited each year.

Beltrami County SWCD is partnering with the Clearwater Lake Area Association, Clearwater County SWCD, and the Red Lake Watershed District to install bank stabilization in identified high risk and priority areas, installation of best management practices above and adjacent to bank failures, and an education program coordinated with the Clear Water Lake Area Association.


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