Soil and Water Conservation District

Cost Share Programs

The Erosion Control and Water Management Program, or State Cost-Share Program, provides funds to Soil and Water Conservation Districts to share the cost of systems or practices for erosion control, sedimentation control, or water quality improvements designed to protect and improve soil and water resources.  Through the Cost-Share Program, land owners and/or occupiers can request financial and technical assistance for the implementation of conservation practices.
Projects that may be eligible for cost-share funding include:

Critical Area Planting / Diversions / Windbreak - Shelterbelt Establishment / Grassed Waterway / Livestock Waste Management / Filter Strips / Sediment Basins / Streambank and Shoreline Protection / Stripcropping / Terraces / Well Decommissioning / Forestry Conservation Practice

Please contact the SWCD to discuss whether your idea for an erosion control project is eligible for funding under this program.

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