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Northland Regional Sports Park

The need for a shooting sports park within Beltrami County is a relatively recent development. Historically, informal target practice with shotguns, rifles and hand guns was conducted in gravel pits, open public space or on privately owned land. Encroachment on public lands by residential developments and increased use of public lands makes this practice less desirable today.

In 2007 the Beltrami County Parks and DNR Trails Manager convened a task force to determine the interest of local hunting, sporting and law enforcement groups in searching for funding to construct shooting ranges within a proposed County Park. At that time the Headwaters Shooting Sports Association (HSSA) was the only group that existed to oversee this effort and took on a leadership role for the various user groups interested in making this effort and holds the master lease of approximately 200 acres within a 360 acre parcel known at this time as the Northland Regional Sports Park (NRSP).

In 2009, the construction plan for the shooting ranges was approved by the County Board and area leased by HSSA was subleased to the Bemidji Trap and Skeet Club (BTSC) and the Bemidji Area Shooters Association (BASA). In 2010 a road was constructed into the shooting range area and in 2011 the merchantable fiber was removed from the leased area. In 2013 a grant from the G.W. Neilson Foundation was awarded and in 2014 the initial work (part one of Phase I) will commence. The completion of Phase I, parts 1, 2 and 3 will take two or three summer seasons, but limited types of firearms use and training will be possible in 2014 and 2015.

At this time, the majority of the funding to be raised for the construction of NRSP, will be accomplished by local “user group” volunteer(s) who are actively grant writing and doing community fundraising.


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Before and After


Before and After


Before and After


Trap Shooting Range


Sitework Trap Shooting Range


Electrical hookups
Eletrical Hookups

Sitework Trap shooting range

Rifle/pistol berms under construction

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Ariel view



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