Parks and Recreation

Rognlien Park

Rognlien Park, often referred to as the “Jewel” of the Beltrami County Park system, is located on Grant Lake 7 miles west of Bemidji and 1 mile southwest of the City of Wilton.  The park was acquired by the State of Minnesota in 1937 from M.A. Rognlien as a memorial to his son.  In 2006 Beltrami County obtained the park from the State with the stipulation that the County continues to manage the site as a park.

Rognlien is a day-use park providing a variety of family orientated recreational opportunities.  Being located on Grant Lake, it offers quality fishing, boating, and swimming to those who choose to enjoy.  The existing high quality sandy beach, public boat access with ramp and dock, and fishing pier lets you experience this outstanding water resource first hand.  Picnic tables, fire rings, playground equipment, vault toilets, and an open shelter provide amenities for those who spend the day at Rognlien Park.

A park host is on site to ensure appropriate behavior by park users, to answer questions, and provide information.  It is important to Beltrami County Natural Resource Management Department that you, as well as others who visit Rognlien Park enjoy your stay.


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1. Park hours are from sunrise to sunset. 

2. It is unlawful for a person to engage in disorderly conduct, fight, or use offensive, obscene language or make noise reasonably tending to arouse alarm or resentment of others by means of public address system, radio, stereo, amplifier, or other means. 

3. It is unlawful to possess explosives or fireworks of any kind in the park. 

4. It is unlawful to build or maintain a fire in the park except in a fireplace, grill, or a fire ring provided for that purpose.  

5. It is unlawful to place a grill or fireplace on top of picnic tables or next to any other structures that may catch fire as a result of radiant heat.  

6. No person shall allow a dog, cat, or other pet to enter a building, beach, or swimming area.  All pets shall be personally attended to at all times and shall be restrained by a leash not exceeding six feet in length. 

7. Pet waste deposited in mowed or maintained areas must be immediately cleaned up by the pet owner and deposited in an appropriate waste container. 

8. Swimming is allowed in identified swimming beach area and no person shall swim in areas posted closed to swimming.  There is no lifeguard on duty so parents should watch their children with extra care. 

9. No person shall operate a watercraft or motor on a body of water in an area posted for swimming. 

10. Playground use is intended for children up to 12 years in age and is not supervised so parents should watch their children with extra care. 

11. Rognlien Park is for day-use only and overnight camping is not allowed. 

12. No Soliciting.