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The Records office at the Law Enforcement Center maintains all the initial, investigative and criminal files for the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office, the Bemidji Police Department and the Blackduck Police Department. The Records Division is responsible for processing and maintaining crime and arrest records, traffic accident reports, citations and related documents in order to provide information to other divisions within the Law Enforcement Center, the County Attorney’s Office, the Court System, other law enforcement agencies and the general public.  The Records division also maintains and reports crime statistics to the BCA. 

At the Records office requests are handled for incident reports and other data as requested, as allowed under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Statute Chapter 13. Applications for gun purchase and carry permits, local background checks, Driver’s license records, public data requests, state accident reports and other forms are available at the Records window. 

Business Hours:
Monday thru Friday from 7 am to 4:30 pm.
CLOSED Saturday, Sunday and Holidays.
ph: 218-333-4187 fax: 218-333-4271

State Accident Reports .No charge

Gun Carry Permits


CALL 218-333-4187 TO SCHEDULE

$100/new app

$75/Renewal (90 days or less prior to expire)

$85/Renewal (within 30 days after expire)


Less than 5 pgs-No charge

5 pgs or more $0.25/page

Photos $1.00/picture
Photos/audio statements placed on CD $5.00/disk
Background Checks $5.00/person
Video copy to DVD $6.00 plus established research fee (includes 911 calls, digital ally, future body cameras)
Postage/Handling $1.00/minimum  
Research Fee $35/hour (1/4 hr minimum)
Minnesota Level 3 Sex Offender Information
Minnesota Courts Public Info
MN Public Criminal History

How do I get a copy of a report?
We do not automatically mail out copies of reports. Copies of accident reports, arrests, and incidents handled by the Sheriff’s office are available for release, subject to data privacy laws, by contacting the Records Office at 218-333-4187 or stopping at the Records Office, 613 Minnesota Ave. You will be asked to complete a public data request form. 

What kind of information cannot be released?
Any report marked “CONFIDENTIAL”, any juvenile reports and/or juvenile names, Social Services reports, anything involving vulnerable adults, victim’s names and any report currently under investigation or where the release of said report might jeopardize the safety and welfare of the involved. If there is a question about releasing information, a public data request may be sent to the County Attorney.

I need a copy of my accident report for my insurance company.
Ask your insurance company to send a request to our office along with a signed release. The Records Office handles these requests in 1-2 days. You may also stop by the Records office at the LEC and request your report. You will be asked to complete a public data request form.

How do I get a copy of my driving record?
You can either come to the Records Office at the Law Enforcement Center or request your record from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. If you come to Records, you will need to complete a DL Request form.  Please read this carefully as requesting your driving record through Records will make this record Public Data for any other individual who requests your driving record through our office.  You will need to show your driver’s license.  You cannot obtain the driving record of anyone other than yourself.   Records will not charge a fee for this service.

Where can I have my fingerprints taken?
Fingerprinting, for non-criminal purposes, will no longer be done at the Beltrami County Jail. If you need to be printed for employment, security, or other reasons, please call the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Bailiff Division at 218-333-4087 for an appointment. The fingerprinting will be done at the Judicial Center for a fee of $25.00.

I disagree with what the Deputy wrote in his report regarding my complaint.
What are my options?

You need to discuss it with the Deputy involved in your case. Most often, a Deputy will leave a card with their voice mail number and your incident number on it. If they did not leave you a card, call the Records Office at 218-333-4187 and we will connect you to the deputy’s voice mail.

Where do I go to get a gun permit?
You can download a copy of the application and instructions from this website, or you can pick up the forms in the lobby of the Law Enforcement Center. Once the form is completed you must drop it off in person during business hours.  You must apply in the County in which you reside.  We will ask to see your driver’s license.  There is no cost for permits to purchase. Permits to carry are good for 5 years and the fee is $100.00 plus you must have a certificate of firearms training. Please allow 2-3 weeks to process the application.

Frequently asked questions regarding gun permits

BCA listing of authorized firearms instructors and contact information

Permit to carry reciprocity - out of state permits valid in Minnesota

Change of address/Loss/Destruction of your permit to carry
Updates or changes to a permit must be submitted in person at the Records Office.  We will ask you to fill out an application with the updated information.  The permit holder is required to notify the issuing Sheriff’s Office of any change of address, loss or destruction of a permit.  Failure to provide notification as required is a petty misdemeanor.  A notarized statement is required on any lost or stolen permits to get a replacement card.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for the replacement card.  The fee is $10 (cash or check only).  A current Minnesota driver’s license and your current permit is required for change of address.