Beltrami County Jail

Calandra Allen, Jail Administrator

Beltrami County Jail
626 Minnesota Ave. NW
Bemidji, MN 56601

phone: 218-333-4189
Fax: 218-333-8418

Mission: to enhance the safety of our citizens through efficient, professional, secure and humane incarceration of criminal offenders

The Beltrami County Jail, as are all jails in Minnesota, is licensed by the state and regulated by the Minnesota Department of Corrections. The facility is governed by and adheres to state statutes and rules promulgated by the Department of Corrections. The facility is inspected annually to gauge compliance in the areas of; staffing, population density, training, classification, fiscal issues, reporting, policy and procedure, and others.

Inmate Handbook

Jail Policy Manual

The Beltrami County Jail is a podular, remote supervision facility that also has a minimum security direct supervision unit. The facility houses both sentenced and pretrial adult male and female offenders. The Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) approved capacity for the jail is 140 inmates. The DOC operational capacity for the jail is 126 inmates.

Original construction of the jail was completed in 1989, with the facility being occupied in July of that year. The initial planned capacity of 68 inmates was increased by adding 13 more available beds during construction. In 2001, the County Board, with the consent of the D. O. C., authorized the addition of 25 beds through double bunking, bringing the capacity to 106, of these, 12 were designated as “female beds”. In addition, there were 6 temporary holding cells created for orientation and classification of new inmates.

Increases in average booking rates from 1990 to 2005 created the need to board Beltrami County inmates in other counties, resulting in increased expense. In 2002 alone, $200,000.00 was spent in order to avoid severe overcrowding. In 2004 a new 60 bed minimum security unit was opened, which addressed the need to board inmates out of county for over 10 years.  In 2015 with DOC required changes to the classification system, Beltrami County again had the need to Board inmates in other counties.  As a result, the county is currently working on alternatives to jail to address the overcrowding issue.

If you need information from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or Homeland Security Investigations (HIS) regarding the release of a criminal alien, click here.

The Beltrami County Jail is dedicated to serving the citizens of Beltrami County and its neighboring communities. Our goal is to preserve the basic rights and dignity of those detained by employing trained professional staff to provide the care, structure and discipline to motivate positive lifestyle changes for detainees, while exceeding all standards set forth by law and maximizing the financial and social benefits to the communities we serve.

Staff at the Beltrami County Jail, utilize the team concept to conduct day to day operations and to achieve long term goals. There are four teams consisting of six full-time Corrections Officers, supervised by a Corrections Sergeant. In addition, there are twelve part-time Corrections Officers to fill vacancies and perform a variety of tasks as needed.

Jail management is provided by a team consisting of the Jail Administrator, Assistant Jail Administrator, and a Clerical Technician. Program staff includes two Program Directors who supervise a number of volunteers, offering a wide array of programs.

Health care and food services are contracted through independent vendors. Maintenance and custodial services are provided to the jail through the Beltrami County Maintenance Department.

The Program staff, in conjunction with volunteers, offer activities associated with the areas of Education, Parenting, Treatment, A.A., Chaplaincy Program, and others. Some inmates participate in regular out-patient treatment programs such as sex offender treatment, alcohol treatment, drug treatment, anger management, and more. Program attendance is voluntary and inmates can sign-up to participate in selected programs through the kiosk located in their housing unit. For additional information or to volunteer for a program, please contact Jail Programming staff at:

Edward Busta 218-333-4221 email
Anthony Derby 218-333-8357 email

There are also inmates who are authorized to continue employment via work-release and those who may continue with their education. Complete the Work Release Packet and Questionaire for court ordered work release and bring them to the Beltrami County Jail.

Chaplaincy Program

The Chaplaincy Program of the Beltrami County Jail is established through World Wide Ministries and coordinated by Duane Erickson. It is one of many programs whose successful operation is dependent upon participation of volunteer staff.

During the week, programs consist of group settings with topics that cover; anger, prejudice, hatred, the dysfunctional family, alcohol, drugs, criminal related problems, suicide, and others. One-on-one counseling is available throughout the week as well.

There are also libraries within the jail’s program rooms which contain a variety of religious materials and self-help books, available to all inmates. Single and group Bible studies are also available, with Bibles being offered upon request.

Services are held on Sunday evenings at the jail, with the occupants of each of the jail’s living areas given an opportunity to attend them. Tuesday afternoons the chaplain has a discussion session with the male population. Tuesday evenings has a group discussion with the female population. Wednesday Evenings offer religious studies in a group setting for the male population. Thursday mornings has a bible study with the female population. All of these sessions are conducted by local pastors, representatives from the areas Reservations, and lay persons.

Health care is provided to the inmates of the Beltrami County Jail through Advanced Correctional Healthcare (ACH). The Jail's health service system operates similarly to an out-patient clinic.

Persons newly booked into the jail must inform nursing or jail staff of medical, mental health, or dental needs during the intake process. Once lodged, they may access the jail’s established sick–call system to address medical needs that arise during their incarceration. Inmates are encouraged to perform self-care of minor medical concerns and may use non-prescription medications available for purchase at the jail.

Registered Nurses triage all medical requests, directly providing or arranging for care through outside appointments. The Jail staff is also trained in First Aid, triage of emergency medical needs, and has rapid access to the Emergency Medical Services system if necessary. On-site medical and mental health services are also available at the jail through referral of nursing staff.

The mission of ACH is to provide an exceptional level of correctional healthcare while performing duties in a fiscally responsible manner and improving the safety and security of all involved.

Q. What is the mailing address and phone number of the Beltrami County Jail?

A. Beltrami County Jail, 626 Minnesota Ave NW, Bemidji, MN 56601, use this address for all inmate and other correspondence. Phone number: 218-333-4189.

Q. How can I find out if someone is being held at the jail?

A. Click on the “Inmate List” link to the left. You will be provided with a current listing of the inmate population.

Q. Is there a way that I may be able to get a message to someone being held at the jail?

A. To leave a message for an inmate call 218-558-3773 and you will be given instructions on how to leave your recorded message.

Q. When is it possible to visit someone who is being lodged at the jail?

A. Please refer to the Visitation page for further information regarding visiting.

Q. How can I get money to an inmate at the jail?

A. You may deposit cash funds to an inmate’s jail account by using the kiosk located within the jail lobby. You may also deposit funds via the internet by accessing: Money orders or cashiers checks, made payable to the inmate, can be sent through the mail.

Q. Where can I post bail for someone being held at the Beltrami County Jail?

A. Bail may be posted for Beltrami County warrants at Court Administration, located within the Judicial Center, at 600 Minnesota Ave., Monday through Friday during the hours of 8:00AM to 4:00PM. At all other days and times, bail may be posted at the jail. Out-of-County bails must be posted at the Beltrami County Jail and are assessed a $25.00 handling fee. You may choose to contact a Bail Bond agent to assist you with this process.

Q. How can I provide a phone card to an inmate in jail?

A. If you wish to purchase an inmate phone card for an inmate, you can purchase cards on-line with a credit card at This site may also be used to authorize reception of collect calls from the jail.

Q. How do I access the work release (Huber) forms for the Beltrami County Jail?

A. If you want to sign up for your court ordered work-release program please fill out the appropriate forms (Work Release Packet and Questionaire).  Once you complete the forms, bring them to the Beltrami County Jail and ask to speak with a Program Director who will assist you in completing the process.

Beltrami County Jail - Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

The Beltrami County Jail has a zero-tolerance for sexual abuse. The Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 is a federal law that seeks to eliminate sexual assaults and sexual misconduct.

PREA Overview

The Beltrami County Jail has a zero tolerance policy toward all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in our facility, under the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) 2003. We will enforce all federal, state, and local laws pertaining to inmate sexual misconduct. All reports will be fully investigated, which includes both allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment, by the Beltrami County Jail and the Beltrami County Sheriff's Office Investigative Division.

Under PREA, we have established uniform methods for prompt reporting and investigation of allegations of sex-related offenses or threats, identification of predators, protection of victims, and prescribing sanctions for substantiated sexual offenses, as well as false allegations. This standard is directed to all sexual acts relating to: inmate to inmate, inmate to staff and staff to inmate.

Inmates who are currently being sexually assaulted are encouraged to talk to a staff member. This will allow for the quickest response.

If you suspect that an inmate is the victim of sexual assault/harassment, it can be reported in 1 of the following ways:

1. Contact the Beltrami County Jail Administration Office during regular business hours at 218-333-4181 and you will be directed to someone who can take the information.

2. Call the Beltrami County Jail and request to speak with a Shift Supervisor to make a report at 218-333-4189.

3. Call for Sexual Assault Services: Support Within Reach 218-444-9524 or 800-708-2727 (24 hour hotline).

4. Call for sexual assault evidentiary exams: Sanford Bemidji Hospital Emergency Room 218-333-5000.

PREA Complaints
Inmate on Inmate Complaint Sexual Abuse Sexual Harassment
Unfounded Allegations    
Unsubstantiated Allegations   6
Substantiated Allegations    


Staff on Inmate Complaint Sexual Abuse Sexual Harassment
Unfounded Allegations    
Unsubstantiated Allegations    
Substantiated Allegations    
PREA Audit Report