Social Services - Children's Services

Family Preservation Services

Parent Support Outreach Programming in intended for families with children under ten years of age and combines aspects of general child welfare case management with and emphasis on parenting and development while addressing the immediate needs of the family as with many of our services some small financial help is available for addressing specific needs of the family

Child Welfare Case Management services on a voluntary basis.  These services are designed to work with families in a variety of areas from parenting and development to housing, transportation and general household management. Child welfare case management often includes referral to other community services and is intended as a short term intervention that will have long term positive results.

Family Group Decision Making:  Beltrami County offers Family Group Decision Making to families that are involved in both child protection and child welfare case management.  This service involves locating family and friends of a child or family and involving them in the decision making process.  The goal of this program is to create support systems that will help create a safe environment for the family and child that will remain intact long after Beltrami County involvement has ended.

First Steps to Healthy Babies: The goal is to help mothers/families to have a safe and healthy pregnancy to give babies the best start in life. All women have the power to have a healthy, sober pregnancy with the right support, education and services. First Steps to Healthy Babies program offers: