Social Services - Adult Services

Licensing of Adult Foster Care

Adults being considered for placement in an adult foster care home typically are unable to live alone because of limitations in areas such as self care or household maintenance, They do not need to be placed in a nursing home or group home. They do not need to live in an institution but yet are incapable of independent living. Others may be discharged from a hospital and need temporary supervision while regaining their health.  The county’s responsibility is to ensure that homes meet state licensing guidelines to provide a safe and healthy physical environment, properly trained staff and necessary supervision and assistance.

The State licenses family and group family child care.  Family child care is for ten children or less at one time (no more than six of which are under school age).  Group family child care is for eleven to fourteen children at any one time.  The total number of children includes all children of any caregiver when the children are present in the home.  The county’s responsibility is to ensure that these homes meet prescribed licensing requirements to provide for the safety and health of children left in their care.


Minnesota Department of Human Services -Foster Care Programs