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If you have submitted an application, you must complete an interview in order to determine your eligibility.

Interviews are completed by phone, when an eligibility specialist contacts you, the number you will see on your caller ID is 218-333-4299. If you cannot complete a phone interview, you must stop by our front desk located on the second floor of the Community Services Center, 616 America Ave NW, Bemidji to conduct your interview.


Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)

Child care assistance is available to parents who are receiving assistance under the Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) and parents whose income is at or below 175% of the Federal Poverty guideline and are in an approved activity. It is important for parents to know their child is well-cared for while they are at work, looking for work, obtaining training or going to school in order to secure employment. Application is required to have eligibility determined. CCAP may not cover all child care costs. Parental amounts depend on the family's income, the number of people in the family, and how much the child care provider charges. The goal is to assist the family to maintain employment and gain self-sufficiency.

Programs Available
  • MFIP Child Care: Participants who are employed or participating in work job search, education or other activity approved by a job counselor may receive assistance for child care.

  • Transition Year: Families closed off MFIP are eligible for child care up to one year from the date their MFIP closed for work or job search activities only.

  • Basic Sliding Fee: Provides a subsidy for child care costs for income eligible parents to work, look for work or obtain training or education for employment.

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Child Support

Every child needs financial and emotional support and every child has the right to support from both parents. Minnesota's child support program benefits children by enforcing parental responsibility for child support.

Either parent of a child may apply or qualify for certain support services from the Child Support Unit. Depending on the circumstances associated with the case, threre may be fees assessed for collection unless the applicant receives public assistance (Minnesota Family Investment Program, Medical Assistance, MinnesotaCare, or Childcare Assistance.)

Services available:

*Locating parents
*Establishing parentage
*Establishing and enforcing court orders for basic medical and child care support
*Working with other states to enforce support orders
*Collecting and processing payments
*Assisting clients through the child support process
*Closing cases

Services NOT available:

you may wish to consult an attorney for assistance as we CANNOT help with:

*Legal separation and divorce
*Custody and parenting time
*We cannot answer legal questions about custody and parenting time
*Spousal maintenance (alimony) establishment
*Legal advice or counsel

Child support agencies and county attorneys do not represent either parent in child support court actions. Rather, they represent the best interests of the child according to the requirements of child support statutes and guidelines. In Minnesota, parents can also use an expedited process to resolve child support matters where they can represent themselves. More information is available at the Minnesota Judicial Branch, Self Help Center.

Minnesota Department of Human Services - Child Support onLine

Human Services Interactive Voice Response case and payment information:

*(651)215-5630 (Twin Cities area)
*1-800-657-3512 (outside Twin Cities calling area)
*TTY/TDD users, call the Minnesota Relay Service: 1-800-627-3529


Financial & Medical Assistance

Cash Assistance
Food Support
Medical Programs
Emergency Assistance
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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

Use the Eligibility Screening Tool provided by Bridge to Benefits to see if you or someone else may be eligible for public work support programs. It will ask you a few simple questions but will NOT ask you for information that identifies you. It's easy, confidential and free!

Employment Services

  • Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) / Diversionary Work Program (DWP)

Our Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) works with families to move toward self-sufficiency. We guide participants through the entire process of finding a job and offer personal support.
Eligible individuals are referred to Workforce Impact employment services by Beltrami County Income Maintenance Unit

SNAP Employment and Training

SNAP participants gain skills, training, or work experience to increase their ability to obtain regular employment that leads to economic self-sufficiency.

Employer Services

Subsidized Work Programs, on the Job training, employer needs assessments, incumbent worker training and education.

Activity Log

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