Attorney's Office

County Attorney Duties

Minnesota Statute Section 388.051 sets the statutory duties for every County Attorney. The Beltrami County Attorney shall:

* appear in all cases in which the county is a party;

*give opinions and advice, upon the request of the county board or any county officer, upon all matters in which the county is or may be interested, or in relation to the official duties of the board or officer;

*prosecute felonies, including the drawing of indictments found by the grand jury, and, to the extent prescribed by law, gross misdemeanors, misdemeanors, petty misdemeanors, and violations of municipal ordinances, charter provisions and rules or regulations;

*attend before the grand jury, give them legal advice, and examine witnesses in their presence;

*request the court administrator to issue subpoenas to bring witnesses before the grand jury or any judge or judicial officer before whom the county attorney is conducting a criminal hearing;

*attend any inquest at the request of the coroner;

*appear, when requested by the attorney general, for the state in any case instituted by the attorney general in the county attorney’s county or before the United States Land Office in case of application to preempt or locate any public lands claimed by the state and assist in the preparation and trial;

The role of a prosecutioner is to seek justice without fear or favor. It is as much the duty of a prosecutor to see that no innocent man or woman suffers as it is to ensure the guilty are held accountable.

MISSION STATEMENT: To provide quality legal advice while promoting justice and public safety through the ethical prosecution of crime.



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